The Techshop: Accredited courses in engineering, go-karts and bikes

At The Techshop, everyone gets their hands dirty

Introduction to Go-Karting (The Techshop)Here at The Techshop we kick tyres, take apart engines and strip’n’build bikes. We offer accredited courses (daytime as well as in the evening) that are all all about employability skills, engineering, go-karts and bikes. The principles, the theory and the practice – as hands-on as possible.

Our courses are aimed at mixed male/female groups, aged between 13 and 19 years old. We cover how a combustion engine works. Or the ins and outs of chassis design. Or how to rebuild a bike. And much, much more. The sessions at The Techshop take between 3 and 5 hours, and over time the young people get credits towards a number of qualifications.

And at the end, students gets a bike to take home. For free.

Courses at The Techshop

We currently offer the following courses at The Techshop: